• Cuong Do and Lori Rickles

    Cuong Do and Lori Rickles knew Newark Academy was a special place when their daughter – Stephanie Do – fell in love with the school on her first visit.  The diversity that is visible walking the halls, the devotion of the teachers to their students’ learning, and the attention of the staff were all evident before Stephanie started at NA as a 9th grader.

    Cuong and Lori saw Stephanie thrive within weeks of starting at NA.  Stephanie was always a good student at her prior school, but she became even more excited about school and engaged with the community at NA.  Over dinner, she would talk enthusiastically about what she was learning in school and her new friends on the field hockey team.  Since her immersion trip to Spain, she has been even more excited about the students, faculty and programming at NA.

    Cuong and Lori have never been “observers.”  They have started and built schools and nonprofit foundations when they saw the need, and Cuong actively serves on various nonprofit and corporate boards.  So Cuong and Lori made a point to see the head of school within a month of Stephanie starting NA to ask “how can we help?”

    Driven by a desire to make a genuine impact on an institution that did so much for their child, Cuong and Lori made a generous gift in support of Rise & Flourish: The Campaign for Newark Academy.

    “We have benefited so much personally from people helping just because they can, so now it’s time for us to do what we can,” Cuong says. They look forward to seeing the new Science Center, the Middle School building and the scholarships contribute to even greater diversity, academic pursuits and leadership at NA. In June 2016, Cuong became a member of the NA Board of Trustees.