• Larry and Gayle Wieseneck

    As parents, trustees, and members of the Campaign Executive Committee, Larry and Gayle Wieseneck are true believers in the benefits of a Newark Academy education. They have witnessed how Newark Academy has empowered their sons, Jake ’14 and Brahm ’18, to advocate for themselves, articulate their thoughts and opinions, and embrace the diverse interests within the NA community. Both boys have grown into mature, responsible young adults during their years at NA, and the Wiesenecks continue to be grateful for the transformative impact NA has had on their family.

    In light of their experience, Gayle and Larry felt compelled to make a leadership gift to Rise & Flourish to ensure that Newark Academy can continue providing exceptional education now and in the future. As Larry summarized, “Newark Academy’s 240-year history is humbling, and the rich culture our family benefits from today was made possible through the sacrifices of past generations. We felt a responsibility to contribute to help shape the future of the institution and keep Newark Academy vibrant and strong.”