• Suzanne and John Willian

    Suzanne and John Willian have been part of the Newark Academy community since their son, Matt ’11, started sixth grade in 2004. Their daughters, Caroline and Paige, graduated in 2013 and 2016 respectively. “It’s really been an incredible experience for our entire family,” says Suzanne. “It’s such a rich environment, where you meet people from every possible background.” That’s why the Willians have focused their generosity on the school’s endowment. “To maintain an economically diverse school population, you have to have a strong endowment,” she says. John chairs the endowment committee, while Suzanne serves on the Rise & Flourish executive committee, is a trustee, and chairs the institutional identity committee. The couple appreciates that NA gave their children the opportunity to find and excel in their passion, from jazz band to track and field to vocal music. “We give back so that other students can participate in that very positive kind of community,” Suzanne says.