• Improved Coursen Field and New Concession Building Open

    The final step in the improvement plan for NA’s outdoor athletic facilities was taken in fall 2013 when Coursen Field renovations were completed.

    Director of Athletics Ted Gilbreath noted that the project’s completion was a high-water mark for Minuteman sports. “For many years, we’ve had outstanding indoor athletic facilities, but our outdoor venues were not on par with those of our peers,” he said. “What we’ve undertaken is truly a once-in-a-generation effort. Newark Academy now has an athletic complex that is second to none.”

    The installation of artificial turf, lighting, a new track surface, new spectator seating, and a press box began last spring. The project included the construction of a small hospitality building to house restrooms, a concessions area for the Senior Grill, and storage for outdoor athletic equipment.

    Mariel Pressler ’14, captain of the field hockey team for 2013-2014, described the difference between playing on a grass field and competing on a turf field. “Playing on turf is a different game. We’re used to anticipating where the ball might go on a grass field. Now we’ll be able to play better teams, and our fans will come out and support us more often.”

    Board of Trustees Chair Jon Olesky ’74 said, “These venues are such a strong part of the visual identity of the Newark Academy campus. These enhancements will create a signature aesthetic element of our athletic program that will attract future student athletes.”